Brown Mucus Comes Out After A Week Of Cervical Polyp Surgery?

Illustration of Brown Mucus Comes Out After A Week Of Cervical Polyp Surgery?
Illustration: Brown Mucus Comes Out After A Week Of Cervical Polyp Surgery?

Hello doctor. A week ago my cervical polyp was removed by forcep method. Is it normal for brown mucus to come out until now? Considering it’s been done a week ago. Does that mean the wound has not healed and is still bleeding? Chocolate mucus comes out of the vagina from the first day to today, the seventh day. I was not given any medicine and was not treated. After the action, go straight home. Thank you for your answer,.

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Cervical polyps originate from excessive growth of tissue from the inner cervical wall which protrudes into the uterine cavity. Often, this condition is benign. Although it does not rule out there are also some cases that develop into malignant. These polyps grow due to the influence of the hormone estrogen. Frequently, this condition is experienced by women who approach menopause or after menopause, suffer from hypertension, obesity, or also consume tamoxifen, which is a drug used in handling breast cancer.

Depending on the conditions, cervical polyps may not require special treatment other than observation, but can also need to be overcome by administering medications and even surgery. Postoperatively, it's only natural that you will experience bleeding within the first 1 to 2 weeks. This bleeding, in addition to the result of a wound in the cervix that has not healed completely after surgery, can also be an impact of hormonal conditions that have not been balanced.

As long as the blood volume you experience is not excessive, and does not also appear accompanied by other complaints, such as unpleasant odors, stomach cramps, bowel obstruction, fever, and so on, often this condition is nothing to worry about. However, if you encounter a lot of bleeding, it would not hurt you to check yourself back to the doctor or obstetrician who operated on you to be given the best solution, yes. For now, you should multiply rest first. Avoid sexual intercourse involving vaginal penetration if there is still a lot of blood coming out of the birth canal. Also avoid doing excessive physical activity, including lifting weights that are too heavy. Don't forget, drink more, eat more foods rich in vitamin K, don't smoke, and always live a healthy lifestyle.

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