Brown Spots Before Menstruation Continuously?

Illustration of Brown Spots Before Menstruation Continuously?
Illustration: Brown Spots Before Menstruation Continuously?

Afternoon, I want to ask. When menstruation is due, but it’s been 4 days I only experience brown spots with little volume, even though usually during menstruation the second day my blood volume is high and red. I’m also not married yet. My weight at the beginning was 55-60 but now it has gone up to 68-70. Is it true that my menstruation has become abnormal due to weight gain? Before menstruation I was always on time, but this year is always a few days late, or several days ahead. Is this normal? Thank you

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The occurrence of menstrual cycle disorders as you experience can be caused by several possibilities, including:

pregnancy and breastfeeding
hormonal disorders because the body is too fat or too thin, excessive weight gain or loss in a short time, excessive exercise, excessive stress
consumption of certain drugs that affect the body's hormonal conditions including the use of hormonal contraception
hormonal disorders due to certain diseases such as thyroid hormone disorders, PCOS, diabetes, Celiac disease, certain cancers
infection of the reproductive organs
polyps in the uterus or cervix

If you have a history of sexual intercourse before, you should do a pregnancy check first to make sure your menstrual cycle disorders are not caused by pregnancy. If indeed you have never had sexual relations before, then your condition is most likely caused by an increase in your weight. It is necessary to find out more about the causes of your weight gain, whether it is solely due to changes in diet and lifestyle, or there are other factors / diseases.

For now, try to reduce stress, try to lose weight slowly. Do not lose weight too fast or go on a diet too tight to experience malnutrition because it will also cause menstrual cycle disorders and other health problems. Do exercise regularly with an intensity that is not excessive.

If indeed your menstrual cycle still does not improve, you should consult your obstetrician for further evaluation and management.

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