Brown Spots Before Menstruation?

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at morning doctor..rnDoc, I want to ask, 3 days before my menstrual schedule, a few brown spots came out for two days. After a day late, I took a negative test pack. Then a week later, on the 8th day to be exact, on the 31st. January 2018. I have brown spots again, sometimes there is blood but only a little, and even then it comes out sometimes only when peeing. Now the question is, until now I still have spots, sometimes brown, sometimes red, if I count it’s been 9 days. Do you think this is menstrual blood or disease blood? I’m really scared about it. Pliisss, please reply.rnThanks.

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Brown spotting before your period can be normal. Brown spots or blood spots usually last for one to two days. This can occur during premenstrual syndrome. In addition, brown spots can also occur in the middle of your menstrual cycle as a sign that at that time you may be ovulating.

But apart from this, brown spots may also be caused by:

stress and physical exhaustion
pregnancy sign
side effects of contraceptives

To make sure that what you are experiencing is normal and not a problem with the uterus, you should go directly to a gynecologist to be examined and if necessary additional examinations such as ultrasound will be performed.

Some things you can pay attention to:

regular diet
keep your ideal weight
avoid stress
get enough rest
eat nutritious foods
Read things about brown spots before menstruation

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