Brownish Blood Comes Out After Ingesting Menstrual Drugs?

Illustration of Brownish Blood Comes Out After Ingesting Menstrual Drugs?
Illustration: Brownish Blood Comes Out After Ingesting Menstrual Drugs?

I am naylatus. R n3 this month I am menstruating, it only reflects (not kb) r nI am trying herbal products to launch my period (Vito Gren MSI) r n After I drank 2 boxes, I menstruated but my period came out enough blood clots a lot. r nSo I had my period from 2 yesterday and it hasn’t finished yet, is that normal ??

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Brownish and black spots often occur due to hormonal influences. Brownish spots are usually a normal thing experienced when going into menstruation, when menstruation will be finished, and when pregnancy in the early trimester / young pregnancy. The most common cause of spots is the effect of hormonal fluctuations in women. Other causes can indicate abnormalities such as infection of the vaginal canal or cervix, laceration / injury to the vaginal / cervical wall, the effect of stress, etc. Some women experience menstruation that only appears brown spots only from the beginning of menstruation until after menstruation, the underlying cause is none other than hormonal influence on women.

blood that is so thick brown to blackish red is a normal menstrual blood and does not indicate a certain abnormality. Discoloration and blood clots that come out can occur due to the presence of blood clotting substances contained in menstrual blood. It is not proportional to the length of time when blood is bleeding before it is released so that the blood becomes clotted and changes color. Normally menstrual blood contains only a small amount of blood clots, therefore women often experience increased menstrual blood volume on the first day of menstruation and will decrease with time. Please note that a woman's normal menstrual cycle occurs between 28-35 days with menstrual duration that varies between one woman to another that is 3-7 days can even continue up to 14 days. You do not need to worry about your complaints at this time. Possible hormonal causes become the main cause of menstrual abnormalities that you experience.

Over time the spots will subside. Some of the following things you can do to reduce complaints, namely:

Eat healthy and nutritious food
Inadequate water needs
Get enough rest
Avoid stress and fatigue
Avoid cigarettes and alcohol consumption

If the complaint does not go away, do not hesitate to visit your nearest doctor to get treatment advice directly. So much information that I can convey, hopefully it helps

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