Illustration of Bruise?
Illustration: Bruise?

. I want to ask why do I get bruised on the shaft of my penis? Under the body of the penis around the base. Are there any vessels with problems?

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Hello Jackyres,

Bruising is a condition where blood comes out of the blood vessels and accumulates in the tissues under the skin. Bruises can be caused by trauma (impact, friction, etc.), abnormalities in the blood clotting process, diseases that cause blood vessels to be brittle and fragile, the use of certain drugs, and so on. Bruising on the penis itself can be caused by several things, namely:

Rupture of small blood vessels on the surface of the foreskin. Can be caused by sexual intercourse, excessive masturbation, pinching. Bruises can disappear on their own within 1-2 weeks, no pain, no sexual dysfunction and urination.
Penile fracture. Although the penis has no bones, this term is used to describe a tear in the lining of the tunica albuginea. Usually occurs due to excessive manipulation of the penis which is in an erect condition. Symptoms are blood from the penis, black bruising on the penis, a rubber-like sound breaking (during the incident), difficulty urinating, severe pain, the penis is immediately limp from an erection position.
A tear in the corpus cavernosum (connective tissue that fills the inside of the penis, is fed by many branches of blood vessels). In addition to bruising, there are complaints of pain during erection, swelling, and blood when urinating.

Priapism or a condition in which the penile erection persists, so that blood flow in the penis is trapped. The penis will be swollen, painful, turn purple to black (a sign of tissue death). This situation is an emergency situation that requires immediate medical attention.
After surgery in the area around the penis, for example varicocele surgery.

If there is a bruise on the penis area that is accompanied by severe pain, urinary problems, erection problems, or persists for a long time, you should immediately consult a urologist. Various additional examinations can be done, for example, Doppler ultrasound (to see penile blood flow), CT-scan, MRI, examination of blood clotting function, and so on.

If there are no complaints of pain and so on, the initial treatment for bruises on the penis is:

Cool the bruised area
Avoid sexual intercourse or mastery for a while
Take medication to reduce pain when needed

That's the explanation from me, hope it helps.

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