Bruised Forehead Hit The Floor

Illustration of Bruised Forehead Hit The Floor
Illustration: Bruised Forehead Hit The Floor

good night doctor, a week ago my friend’s sister hit the floor on the forehead and then a purple bruise. after a few days later the bruise was added to the eye why doc?

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Hello Zidni Rayva,

Bruising (hematoma) can form due to rupture of blood vessels. Bruising on the skin occurs when blood vessels in the inner skin rupture and blood builds up in the surrounding skin tissue. Therefore, in addition to changing skin color to purplish red, bruised areas can also appear rather prominent.

Bruising can occur due to trauma (impact, blow, etc.) and also occurs spontaneously in several types of diseases / conditions such as thrombocytopenia, bleeding disorders, etc. Bruises will change color with time. The early days of bruising will turn reddish - slightly purple, then turn into dark bluish, then fade to brownish - greenish - yellowish and then disappear. Bruises generally disappear spontaneously, depending on how large the bruises are formed, but usually> 7-14 days.

Bruising or bleeding from the forehead (frontal) can also cause bruising in the eyelid area. As already explained, blood that comes out of the skin's blood vessels can flow into the surrounding tissues. Apart from the impact on the forehead area, bruising in the eyelid area can also be observed in the following circumstances:

Nasal fractures
Cranii base fracture (part of the skull)
Disorders of blood clotting factors

If it is confirmed that there are no serious injuries such as bleeding in the brain or skull fractures, bruises can be treated independently by giving cold compresses in the early days of bruising. Compress done for 15-20 minutes, can be repeated several times a day. After 1-2 days, cold compresses can be replaced with warm compresses. If there is pain in the area around the fever, pain medication that can be safe for children such as paracetamol can be given.

If after a fall and collision, the child is unconscious, the child vomits violently (spraying), the child complains of severe pain, blood or clear fluid from the nose / ear, the child has spasms, there is a disruption of body movements, it should immediately bring the child to the nearest health facility.

Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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