Bruised Nails And Wounds From Being Pinched?

Illustration of Bruised Nails And Wounds From Being Pinched?
Illustration: Bruised Nails And Wounds From Being Pinched?

Goodnight, u003cbr u003eAbout 4 months ago my nails were pinched and bruised, because it didn’t hurt so much that I didn’t go to the doctor, about 2 months later the bruised part turned yellowish like pus but didn’t hurt and half the nails began to stretch as if they were about to come off . Then I cut my nails with nail clippers and I cut my nails to near the base of the nails, because if left a little pain rubbing against clothes other than that I think with the scissors the wound quickly dries. Because from the beginning I did not go to a doctor, other than that my nails are still stretching and it looks like there is a wound but it doesn’t hurt and pus comes out only if it’s exposed to the water the nails smell a little. Do I need to go to the doctor so that the rest of the nails that are attached to pull out?

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Nail trauma, as a result of being pinched, can cause rupture of blood vessels under the nail. This condition causes the blood supply to be disrupted. Over time, the local tissue becomes rotten due to not getting blood supply. So that the nail will slowly detach from the attachment.
Besides this, what is more worrying is a germ infection. Every tissue that has a disruption in blood supply, is a good medium for normal bacteria to multiply skin, causing infectious diseases. This infectious disease also plays a role in causing tissue death. Fester is a sign that a bacterial infection has occurred. In addition to bacterial infections, under current conditions, any type of germ can easily infect, such as fungus.
Of course the current condition is a sign that your previous handling is still not appropriate. In the current conditions, you should immediately consult with the nearest doctor. The doctor will conduct a related examination. Then clean your rotted and suppurating tissue. If needed, the doctor will remove the remaining nails left. Decayed tissue, pus and nails that are left behind, if left unchecked, will inhibit the absorption of antibiotic ointment so that the infection becomes difficult to cure.
Meanwhile, try to buy sterile physiological fluids at the nearest pharmacy. Then warm it to a temperature of 40 degrees Celsius (do not remove the liquid from its place, because it will make the liquid become sterile, just fill the liquid with the place in a pan filled with boiling water, then allow a few moments to sterile liquid water temperature of 40 degrees Celsius). Wash the affected part of the finger using the liquid by spraying it or running it. Compress using sterile gauze soaked in warm sterile physiological fluid until the gauze and wound are dry, then remove the gauze. After that, you can only apply antibiotic ointment. Remember, this is only a temporary treatment method so that you can consult with the nearest doctor. Better not delay. Because these germs can also spread to other parts of the body through the blood, causing you to have a fever.
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