Bruises And Red Spots On The Skin?

Illustration of Bruises And Red Spots On The Skin?
Illustration: Bruises And Red Spots On The Skin?

Hello. I’m a mirror, 15 years old. I often experience bruises, red spots on the skin, fatigue, headaches, my skin is pale, often fever, I also lose my appetite, and my weight decreased. That’s because of what? Thanks.

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Hi Caca,

Thank you for asking

Bruises, red spots on the skin, fatigue, headaches, pale, fever, decreased appetite, and also a drastic weight loss can be caused by many factors. When appearing simultaneously, it could be a variety of complaints arising from blood cancer (leukemia). This condition occurs due to DNA mutations that cause blood cell proliferation in the spinal cord to occur abnormally. As a result, blood cells will grow excessively, out of control, but unable to function normally as they should. This condition can be classified into several types, depending on progression (acute or chronic) and also the type of cells involved (lymphocytic and myelocytic). As a result of this blood cancer, sufferers can experience a variety of complaints, including as you experience. However, not only from the clinical symptoms, the diagnosis of blood cancer needs to be made by involving several examinations, including physical examination, blood tests, spinal cord examination, and so on.

Not only blood cancer, a variety of other conditions can also have clinical manifestations as complaints that you experience today, including ITP (idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura), viral or bacterial infections, anemia, kidney disorders, allergies, atopic dermatitis, other chronic diseases, disorders autoimmune, other malignancies, and so on.

Without a direct inspection, we are not authorized to determine a definitive diagnosis of your various complaints. We suggest that you consult yourself directly to a doctor or a specialist in internal medicine so that you can be given the best treatment.

For now, first reduce your complaints with the following steps:

Rest more Avoid activities that risk causing you to injury Increase your endurance, which is by eating nutritious foods, exercising diligently, living a healthy lifestyle Fight your decreased appetite with positive thoughts, vary your daily diet, eat with people who are You love, eat small portions but often do not carelessly take medicine without a doctor's advice A diligent and clean shower Hope it helps huh ..

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