Bruising In The Leg Area Accompanied By Pain?

Illustration of Bruising In The Leg Area Accompanied By Pain?
Illustration: Bruising In The Leg Area Accompanied By Pain?

Good evening, I want to ask, I have quite a lot of bruises on my legs, and a medium sized pink round shape and pain. Pain from the waist to the toe.

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Hello Dania

The use of the term bruise itself refers to a state of injury or trauma to the surface of the body resulting in reddish, bluish, or even blackened color as there is damage to blood vessels in the area of ​​the body surface that is injured. Because the cause is an injury, then of course the complaint is accompanied by pain / pain.

Bruising from an injury can disappear slowly, but usually takes 1-3 weeks depending on how severe the injury is.

If the appearance of a bruise is not accompanied by a history of previous physical trauma, it does not necessarily mean that there is a serious health problem, bruising that appears without injury is often known as "licked by the devil" when in fact the condition occurs small blood vessels in the area are fragile so that they can rupture by itself although it does not experience collisions or what is known in the medical world as purpura simplex, this can also be influenced by hormonal balance. However, purpura simplex in general is not accompanied by pain.

While other conditions that need to be watched because it can cause bruising without physical trauma are hemophilia and low blood platelet values ​​(for example, being sick with dengue fever), and other blood disorders. That is why an examination by a doctor needs to be done to be able to ascertain what health problems actually experienced by Dania, through health checks and questions and answers to medical history, and even supporting examinations such as blood lab tests may be necessary.

As for some tips to help overcome the bruises that are experienced are

Compress with ice on the bruised area and pain for 20 minutes at 48 hours after the bruise, if it has passed 48 hours then it should be done with 10 minutes of warm water that can be repeated 3 times a day Elevate the position of the bruised body parts, for example if the bruised leg is in the position of sleeping feet should be given an object to support so that it is higher than other body parts. Hopefully useful

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