Bruntusan On The Neck, Chest, To The Face?

Illustration of Bruntusan On The Neck, Chest, To The Face?
Illustration: Bruntusan On The Neck, Chest, To The Face?

Afternoon .. I was 21 years old .. At that time I did not know why, there arrived “popsy appeared on the neck, chest, and forehead … Either that was because of the cream I used, or allergic … the most severe was in the neck and chest .. And sometimes it feels pretty itchy … I’ve checked with a number of doctors .. The answer is some say it’s allergic, some say it’s acne … When it first appeared a bit “, I think it has acne , but I gave the cream not cured “.. I decided to give an ointment that I use often, which I bought diapotik .. Not lost, just a little dry .. When I checked at the first doctor, I was given the ointment again, but not it healed, even like it increased little by little .. I decided to check again .. I was advised to stop using the old cream and move to the prescribed cream .. Then, a week ago, I had facials, because it had spread quite a bit “to my face .. But now, after fac ial, bruntus in the neck, chest, and face are getting even redder … And there are quite a lot of foreheads … I’m afraid this will be more on my face and neck … How should I deal with this doctor … ?? Is this really a pimple .. ?? Or instead it is indeed allergic … ?? I am confused what to do ..

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Hello Anik, thank you for the question to

Bruntusan on the neck, chest, to the face can be caused by many things. Allergies can cause such lesions, contact dermatitis, seborrheic dermatitis, fungal infections, bacterial infections, acne, can also cause similar lesions on the skin. Sometimes the causes can also be mixed (for example there are fungal and jerwat infections) so it is very difficult to distinguish the causes so that the provision of therapy is also often not effective in dealing with symptoms.

The following are some things you can try to do:

Keep your body clean and bathe regularly Use clothes made from soft material that absorbs sweat, try not to use clothes that are too tightly closed and tight Change your clothes when wet with sweat Bathing with sulfur-containing soap Try to look for triggers for the emergence of the bruntusan, for example bruntusan gets worse when you use certain creams or when you eat certain foods or take certain medications, you should try to stop exposure If you are new to using detergents or deodorizers and softener new clothes, you should try to replace the old detergent and do not need to use deodorizers and softeners dress first. You can try to look for hypoallergenic clothes detergents (usually detergents for washing baby clothes). If bruntusan does not disappear or get worse, immediately consult a dermatologist for further evaluation and treatment.

So much information from me, hopefully enough answer

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