Bumps All Over The Body If Cold?

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why every time I get caught in the rain and hold ice cubes for too long, bumps arise, including when I drink ice my tongue and palate itches. Am I classified as having a cold allergy? R n r nI am 20 years old And I also have occasional hives, my whole body itching to the point of shortness of breath, nausea and vomiting but these hives don’t come when the weather is cold. I get hives when it is hot but I feel my body temperature is cold. R n r nSo hives and cold allergies are the same or are they different? Then what drugs can I use when I have hives? And what medicine can I use when I swell because of the cold weather? R n r nThank you-

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The term hives is a term that is often used by the public for symptoms that appear on the skin in the form of red / white itchy lesions that appear all over the body or part of the body. Hives are caused by the release of a substance in the body called histamine which causes fluid seepage from the blood vessels under the skin which causes skin lesions / swelling to appear.

The most common cause of hives is allergies. However, other causes include contact with trigger agents (insects / cold objects / cold air / exposure to heat / hot air), the effects of certain drugs, and conditions of infection. So hives can be caused by exposure to cold air / cold objects. Cold allergy is the same as cold hives / urticaria.

Some treatments that can be done if a cold and urticari allergy appears due to exposure to hot air, are:

Avoid causing hives. Bathing with a special soap for sensitive skin. After bathing, apply skin lotion to keep your skin moist, because dry skin can cause irritation and itching. If hives appear, refrain from scratching. The more skin you scratch, the more itchy and swollen it will feel on the skin that has hives. Avoid wearing tight clothing with materials that do not absorb sweat. Avoid exposure to air / objects that are too cold or hot to the skin. If your symptoms are very severe, you should immediately sit or lie down to rest. If the symptoms get worse within 15 minutes, go to the clinic / hospital immediately to get medical help. You should always consult with your doctor for giving and consuming allergy medication. The doctor will conduct a medical examination stage and if necessary supporting examinations such as blood tests and skin allergy tests. Determination of the type of drug will be adjusted to your condition.

Read here about Hives.

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