Bumps Containing Clear Fluid?

Good morning, want to ask on the soles of my feet there is a lump filled with clear fluid with itching symptoms if left on stand and hurts if touched, why is that? And what medicine? thank you

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The appearance of bumps containing clear fluid that feels itchy and also pain may occur due to inflammation. These inflammatory triggers can vary, for example:

Insect bite
Viral infections (such as chicken pox, shingles), bacteria (such as folliculitis, impetigo, prickly heat), parasites (such as scabies), or fungi (such as tinea pedis, cutaneous candidiasis, tinea versicolor)

Allergic or irritant contact dermatitis
Drug eruption
Others, for example burns, seborrheic dermatitis with secondary infections, skin injuries, callus, and so on

The question is, how long has this complaint appeared? Does the bump appear enlarged or spread? Are there any other complaints that you have experienced?

If the bump has appeared for 3 days or more, getting bigger or spreading, even causing other annoying complaints, for example swelling, peeling, festering, and so on, you should not just give him treatment. Check with yourself first to a doctor or dermatologist so you can do a more in-depth evaluation of the condition, as well as find the best treatment.

In the meantime, the following initial handling you can do:

Avoid scratching the bumps that appear, including holding it with dirty hands
If it feels itchy, first apply calamine lotion to the bump
Bath and wash the diligent and clean feet, use mild and non-irritating soap
Wear clothes and footwear that are clean, comfortable, dry and in accordance with your foot size
Avoid contact between the skin of the soles of your feet with substances that are prone to trigger allergies or irritants, for example sharp soap, detergents, etc.
Do not exchange personal items, including soap or footwear, with other people, especially those with infectious skin infections

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