Bumps In The Vagina?

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Sorry, I want to ask that I am more than 5 months pregnant and I don’t know why when I urinate I feel like there is a lump or something coming out of the vagina, it doesn’t hurt or is lumpy, I’m just worried, is it normal for pregnant women or is it dangerous? Information please. Thank you

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Hi Tina,

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Need to clarify, do you really see a lump coming out of your vagina? How big is the size? What's the color like?

Lump in the vagina can actually not only be experienced by pregnant women, but also by all women. The causes can vary, ranging from mild, to dangerous and require special medical treatment.

Some of the possible causes of this lump are:

Myoma geburt (benign tumor originating from the muscle tissue of the uterus, has a stalk so that it often hangs out of the vagina) Uterine polyps (benign tumors originating from the mucous tissue of the uterus) Infections, for example due to folliculitis, genital warts, molluscum contagiosum Vaginal fistula (abnormal tube that connects the uterus) between the vagina and other organs, in this case for example the outer skin) Bartholin's cyst (swelling of the Bartholin's gland, the gland in charge of producing vaginal lubricating fluid) Tumors, etc. To find out whether the lump has the potential to harm your pregnancy or not, the doctor needs to do an examination directly to identify the cause of the lump. If necessary, the doctor will perform an ultrasound examination before determining the appropriate treatment.

Therefore, try to check yourself directly to a gynecologist, okay? Avoid pressing or pulling the lump forcibly so that irritation does not occur. Get used to also maintain the cleanliness of the intimate organs and wear pants that are not tight and clean.

Hope it helps ya..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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