Bumps Like Pimples?

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I want to ask a question on my breast, it has a lump like a pimple or boil, I don’t know.. because I’m uncomfortable pressing it and it comes out white, it looks like it’s a pimple… but after a while, it got lumpy and it hurt, I had to press it, it looked like pus.. I pushed it. then until the pus is gone.. eh, it won’t take long for the bumps to break, eh, it’s a hole.. then it hurts.. why is that??

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What you are experiencing may be a skin surface infection that occurs repeatedly and causes scars (holes in the skin that resemble craters).

Inflammation of the skin due to repeated infections usually causes deep scarring because the skin damage that occurs reaches very deep layers. This condition especially occurs in severe acne conditions (nodules / cystic) and ulcers.

Acne is a condition where the sebaceous glands (oil/sebum) blockage on the surface of the skin, resulting in an inflammatory condition as a result of a bacterial infection.

While boils are infections of the canal where hair grows on the surface of the skin.

Hollow scars which are breast ulcers as a sign of advanced breast cancer are usually located in the breast area. But usually begins with a lump under the skin that resembles a tumor, not a boil or pimple.

Annoying pain, swelling in the area of ​​​​the scar that resonates, especially accompanied by fever, it is best to determine what the cause is. Immediately consult yourself to the doctor. The doctor will conduct a careful medical examination by asking for details about your complaint, seeing, feeling and holding the lump on your skin to determine what the skin lump is caused by. Lumps on the skin sometimes need to be wary of whether it is malignant or benign.

Your doctor will recommend a biopsy if you suspect signs of malignancy. With a biopsy, a small perforated skin scar will be taken and examined under a microscope by an Anatomical Pathologist to see the shape of the cells.

The treatment that the doctor will do will be based on the diagnosis and the cause found.

You can do these things while at home such as not touching or squeezing scars too often, maintaining skin hygiene by taking regular baths with mild soaps for the skin, avoiding foods and drinks that contain harmful preservatives, sugar, milk and excessive fat. .

That's the information we can share, hopefully it helps you.

Best regards, Dr Caecilia Haryu Aryapti.

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