Bumps On The Base Of The Tongue?

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want to ask .. On the base of my tongue there is a bump “quite a lot. It has been really long but I ignore because it does not hurt or problematic. The question is that dangerous?

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Complaints of bumps or rather large spots protrude on the tip of your tongue, and are not accompanied by pain complaints, in general this is an increase in the size of the tongue papilla, under certain conditions changes in the size of the tongue papilla can be natural and harmless. However, in some cases, these complaints can pose risks to health, especially those accompanied by annoying accompanying complaints.

The tongue papilla in general will stand out with a balanced and equal size, thus giving the texture to the tongue and assisting the tongue in its function as a sense of taste. Maintaining the health of the oral cavity, healthy teeth and gums, and consuming healthy nutritious foods will help prevent interference with the tongue and oral mucosa. Therefore, maintain the health of your oral cavity so that the internal organ system remains normal.

If you currently feel the bumps on the tip of your tongue, this can be a normal condition, in the sense that you do not feel any accompanying complaints either pain, discoloration or changes in function on the tip of your tongue. This enlarged papilla or enlarged bumps can be triggered by food irritation, hormonal factors, stress factors, smoking, heat, chronic friction, or a history of trauma to the tongue area. And in general, these things are normal.

Some other medical conditions can also trigger annoying complaints in the form of swelling of the papillae of the tongue and inflammation, such as:

 Infection of the tongue Acute trauma to the tongue. Exposure to chemicals on the tongue. Malignancy Cyst infection. Because this complaint has been a long time you have felt, and you have never done an evaluation related to the trigger, then you should do an evaluation to the dentist and mouth to confirm complaints and possible cause. Without direct inspection, the risk of danger or not is difficult to ascertain. Thus, it is necessary to conduct an evaluation, so that doctors can draw medical conclusions related to this complaint. If this is not risky, further care and prevention is needed, such as:

 Sufficient healthy food Avoid cigarettes and hot temperatures Enough water Avoid the consumption of flavoring ingredients that are too strong Take care of your teeth and gums Use mouthwash Thus the info we can convey.

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