Bumps Out After Giving Birth Vacuum?

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Morning dock I want to ask. 2 months ago I gave birth by vacuum. And now my stitches come out like red meat … but it doesn’t hurt. Is that dangerous ??

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The release of a mass resembling a reddish flesh on the former stitches in the perineum postpartum may be caused by scarring. Scar tissue is actually formed as a normal mechanism for the body in wound healing. However, in some people with a certain genetic predisposition, this scar tissue can grow excessively, even exceeding the original wound, or called a keloid. This condition does not cause pain. However, if the size continues to enlarge, it can feel itchy, lumpy sensation, and obviously this is very disturbing appearance. Scarring is also less elastic in nature, so that it can be difficult for you when penetration in sexual relations.

Not only scar tissue, a mass such as meat that comes out of the stitches in your perineum may also be caused by uterine prolapse (uterus that descends into the vagina), cystocele (bladder that descends into the vagina), rectocele (rectum that descends into the vagina), abscess (pus-filled sac due to infection), genital warts, molluscum contagiosum, benign or malignant tumors (eg cysts, fibroma, sarcoma), hemorrhoids, and so on.

Whether your condition is dangerous or not depends on the underlying cause. Therefore, we suggest, you make sure the cause of your complaint by going to a doctor, obstetrician, or skin and genital specialist, yes. Depending on the cause, the doctor can provide you with a variety of treatments, it can be enough with observation, drug administration even surgery or other therapeutic modalities.

In the meantime, you should focus on keeping the area around your vagina clean. Always wear pants that are clean, not tight, and made from soft. Avoid carelessly pulling, squeezing, or applying anything to a lump that appears without doctor's advice. Also avoid having sex with partners whose sexual history is unclear.

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