Bumps, Red And Itchy On The Face And Body?

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I was 15 years old … yesterday my body was bumped but not united (?) The bump was like a big big so it continued to red color after it appeared bump bump on my face but small small like acne but red and itchy red my face also turned red. I decided to use antiseptic soap for the body and it worked !!! But the oatmeal mask for the face … it turned out that for the oatmeal mask it actually made my face even redder and itchy and bumps with bumps like allergic acne getting worse (it looks like I’m allergic to Oatmeal huh?) skin .. can I drink homemade ‘ginger’ to neutralize my redness and itchiness … and I decided to terminate my skincare too so that my skin can also return to normal … can I … sorry sorry I was really worried because (I can’t stand it because it’s really bad. T_T..btw why does it suddenly bump and red, why is it really so mobile?

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The condition that you experience appears bumps that are broad and can be related to the face

  Allergies where this will usually be triggered by a substance that is used and will usually be experienced thoroughly, especially in areas exposed to these substances Inflammation or dermatitis this can usually occur because there is exposure to an irritant such as preservatives or chemicals that occur in the skin area Purging reaction is an adaptation reaction will usually occur when a new type of treatment is used. Regarding this condition, it is better to do the following:

 Avoid the use of substances that cause allergies. Use hypoallergenic facial cleansers. Keep your face clean by washing regularly. Can be compressed using a clean cold towel. sick

Thus information may be useful

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