Bumps Under The Ear That Can Burst?

Illustration of Bumps Under The Ear That Can Burst?
Illustration: Bumps Under The Ear That Can Burst? Bing

Hi, I want to ask, at first, brother, I have a lump under my ear, then another lump grows in my armpit above the ribs. then the lump that was brought in the ear and armpit has broken, then it grows again a lump under the shoulder 2 lumps, 1 of which is large and 1 is small. And now my brother’s condition is weak. According to the doctor, what disease is your brother suffering from?

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Lumps throughout the body that can burst, can be caused by:

Skin tuberculosis, is a bacterial infection of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis that affects the patient's skin.

Bacterial skin infections can be caused by poor skin hygiene and poor immune systems.

Lymphoma is a malignant condition of the lymph nodes.

Determining the exact disease suffered by your relative must go through a medical examination carried out directly by a doctor. The doctor will conduct detailed questions and answers regarding complaints and history of pain. The doctor will also perform a physical examination. If it is suspected because of a serious medical condition, the doctor may recommend supporting examinations such as blood tests, lump fluid examination, biopsy, CT scan / MRI.

The doctor will determine the treatment based on the diagnosis of your relative's illness.

While at home, provide the nutrients needed by the body by providing balanced nutritious food. If your relatives have difficulty consuming solid food, puree and finely chop the food. Accompany to consume drinking water in sufficient quantities. Keep your skin clean by bathing with mild soap and warm water. Dry the skin with a towel by patting.

Immediately take your relatives to the doctor.

Read more about Neck Lump here.

That's the information we can convey, hopefully it helps you.

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