Bumpy And Swollen Eyes After Swimming?

Illustration of Bumpy And Swollen Eyes After Swimming?
Illustration: Bumpy And Swollen Eyes After Swimming? Bing

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Bumps around the eyes can be caused by several possibilities:

hordeolum / stye, a small lump in the stye the size of a corn kernel, feels itchy or painful, sometimes there is a white spot filled with pus in the middle of the lump. The cause of a stye is a bacterial infection of the root of the eyelashes, oil glands, or sweat glands.

chalazion, which is a lump on the upper or lower eyelid (usually on the upper eyelid) due to malfunction of the glands that produce the oil component in the tear film.

Blepharitis is inflammation of the eyelid margin, usually affecting both eyes. The cause is a bacterial or fungal infection.
dacryocystitis, which is inflammation of the tear ducts located near the nose
dacryoadenitis, which is inflammation of the tear glands in the upper eyelid

It is very difficult to determine what disease your sister has without doing a direct examination. Therefore, we recommend that your sister consult a doctor so that she can be examined directly. After the diagnosis is made, then the treatment can be known. The average treatment for lumps is to use eye drops or eye ointment containing antibiotics, and in more severe conditions, oral antibiotics may also be needed.

While waiting for the schedule to see a doctor, recommendations that can be made include:

don't rub your eyes,
not using contact lenses for a while,
not using eye cosmetics for a while,
always wash your hands before and after touching your eyes,
when riding a motorbike use protective glasses or use the face shield on the helmet

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