Burning Eyes And Blurred Vision?

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Yesterday my eyes burned, sore, blurred vision, after that I went to my eye specialist doctor, I was given 2 Cendo Hyalub Sodium Hyaluronate eye drops and 1 Cendo Polynel Minidose, now the Cendo Polynel Minidose was finished, and when I use the drug Cendo Hyalub Sodium Hyaluronate, but after the drops of Cendo Hyalup the remaining 2 bottles of my eyes remain hot and burning, and the vision is still blurred, this eye disease can be cured or not, this happens to me I have one eye on the right side, but the medicine given by the doctor said to use both eyes

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Hello Bobbyrahmanda,

Thank you for the question.

Eyes that feel hot, like burning, with blurred vision may indicate inflammation of your eyes, for example uveitis (inflammation of the uvea tract), keratitis (inflammation of the corneal eye), endophthalmitis (inflammation of the inner lining of the eyeball), panophthalmitis (inflammation of the entire layer of the eyeball) ), etc. Triggers inflammation in the eye can be varied, such as due to irritation, allergies, infections (often due to bacteria, viruses, or fungi), the introduction of certain chemicals or foreign objects, the use of contact lenses or eye medications that are not appropriate, the side effects of medical procedures performed around the eyes, and so on.

Other conditions besides inflammation in the eye, such as acute closed-angle glaucoma, migraines, cluster headaches, and nerve disorders around the eye can also make complaints in the eye as you experience.

To be clear, we recommend that you go to see your doctor or an ophthalmologist again. If indeed the previous treatment has not been successful in alleviating your complaint, then further examination (such as with a slit lamp, ultrasound, or ophthalmoscopy) or other treatments can be done.

For now, you just need to keep your eyes clean, protected from the entry of dangerous foreign objects, for example by wearing protective glasses and restricting traveling outside the house first. Do not forget, do not rub your eyes excessively, do not carelessly use eye medication, limit the use of gadgets, and compress the eyes that feel sore with cold water to feel more comfortable.

Hope this helps ...

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