Illustration of Burns
Illustration: Burns

Hi doctor. U003cbr u003eI want to ask, yesterday I made a cake and was exposed to hot steam in my hands (fingers), it hurts, it’s hot. The next time, my hand still hurts when I hold it / push it and my fingers are slightly purple, why is that a doctor?

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Basically, hot steam can cause burns on the skin (can be mild to severe), and burns on the skin can indeed cause pain for several days after a burn occurs (depending on how deep the burns are). If the burns only look reddish, it means that the burns that you experience are only superficial (superficial), while if a blister or blister appears on your skin, it means your burn is quite deep (degree 2). If the burn is deep and wide (on all your fingers), you are advised to do a doctor's examination for further treatment.

Regarding your finger changing color to purple, usually burns will not cause this. It is better to explain in advance, whether this purity is localized in one part of the finger, or you see that all your fingers change color to purple. Does the pain you feel on your finger feel superficial (only feels on the skin when touched), or feels deep? If indeed purple occurs throughout the fingers and the pain that you feel is deep pain, then the possibility of purple on the fingers is caused by a blockage of blood vessels that drain blood into your fingers. In this case, you are advised to immediately do a hospital examination, especially if your fingers look increasingly pale, purple / bluish, painful even without being touched / pressed, or completely numb.

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