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After my husband’s surgery, he also hasn’t diagnosed the results, what disease is there in my husband’s buttocks, which is clear that the right buttocks are bigger than the left, and the operation is up to 20cm deep and the fluid can reach 2kg .. nKira2 Does the operating file dry faster? And is the entire operation complete so there is no more to check the others for the future? There won’t be any repercussions in the future too? Thanks ..

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Hi Natasya,

Thank you for asking HealthReplies.com.

Continuing from your question in the previous thread, there are so many diseases that can cause enlargement of the buttocks that they must be treated with surgery. If you look at the information you have conveyed, it is possible that what your husband experienced before could be caused by an infection (for example an abscess) or a tumor (either a benign or malignant tumor) in the anus.

Surgery large enough to involve removing a 2 kg mass from the buttocks is likely to take quite a while to heal. Such a large mass is of course supplied with ample blood flow while it is still attached to the buttocks. Therefore it is very natural if your husband is still bleeding a few days after surgery. Doctors generally will help stop postoperative bleeding by administering several types of drugs assisted by good wound care.

However, in addition to being normal after surgery, it is also possible that the bleeding from your husband's surgery occurred due to other abnormal factors, as we previously explained.

So, is this surgery the only treatment for a disease that your husband is suffering from, or is there any further therapy that needs to be done after surgery? The answer is of course only the surgeon who operated on your husband who knows best. For some cases of mass in the buttocks, for example due to cancer (malignant tumors), in general, apart from surgical removal of the cancer, doctors will also combine it with other therapeutic modalities, such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy, or other palliative therapy to relieve complaints and improve the patient's quality of life. However, for a mass in the buttocks of different causes, the possibilities for postoperative treatment can vary widely.

Therefore, we emphasize again, you should consult directly with the surgeon who operated on your husband. A good doctor will certainly explain what concerns his patient, including the potential cure and the risk of complications that may occur related to therapy that has been undertaken.

Hopefully your husband will get well soon.

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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