Buzzing In The Ears?

Illustration of Buzzing In The Ears?
Illustration: Buzzing In The Ears?

, I want to ask. A few days ago, I heard a “nguung ” sound in my ears and brain (it sounded like it would be inside my body). The sound also makes my head uncomfortable (not dizzy), like in a room where there is no air (like in a car with all the glass closed and the car engine dead). My head feels like it’s under pressure. It all also causes me nausea sometimes.

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Hello, Thank you for the question.

Your complaint is not related to a mechanical injury to your gums. The complaint that you experience is known as tinnitus. Tinnitus is a ringing sound in the ear. Tinnitus can also be a hissing or whistling sound. Complaints can be caused by the following conditions:

buildup of earwax
middle ear infection
damage to the inner ear
fluid buildup in the middle ear
Meniere's disease
side effects of certain drugs
loud voice exposure

In general, this complaint is a mild complaint that can disappear by itself. However, if this complaint is very disturbing, you should immediately consult an ENT specialist. The doctor needs to ask further about your complaints and do a check on your ear and other examinations such as blood tests, hearing tests, CT scans, or MRI. From the doctor's examination will be known the exact cause and the doctor will determine the next treatment. In the meantime, please do the following suggestions:

avoid loud voice exposure
distract from this complaint by keeping yourself busy for example by doing your hobby
do relaxation therapy like meditation or yoga
I hope this helps.

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