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want to ask for a cesarean section when should it be done while my wife is ultrasound head position and continue to be 36 weeks pregnant

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Hello ANGGA,

Thank you for the question.

The position of the fetus in the womb that most facilitates normal labor is the presentation of the head. Remember, this head is the largest and hardest part of the fetus in its structure. However, not necessarily the fetus with another position is not possible to be born normally. Fetuses with breech position (breech presentation), can still be born normally, provided there are no other factors that hinder, such as the position of the placenta below, narrow pelvis, heart problems, fetal defects, and many other factors.

Even if for some reason the fetus in your wife's womb must be born by cesarean, then exactly when the cesarean section is performed, of course the doctor or obstetrician who treats your wife knows best. Frequently, if the placenta is still good, amniotic fluid is still sufficient, and the condition of the fetus in the womb is still healthy, surgery can be delayed while waiting for the fetus to mature perfectly in the womb. Conversely, if there are medical indications that require it, cesarean delivery can also be done early.

Therefore, you should consult directly with the doctor who treats your wife.

I hope this helps.

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