Calculation Of Gestational Age?

Illustration of Calculation Of Gestational Age?
Illustration: Calculation Of Gestational Age?

, my last menstrual period was tagl 28 august, 3 september i got married, since my period was 4, then on the 14th I menstruated again on the 5th there was a slight plaque, on 8 October I had my period again as usual but on the 8th menstruation was mostly blood in black pads but the discharge was the same as an obstacle … Then on 13 October I started to have sex etc. On 16, my stomach hurt so badly in the afternoon that the blood came out only a few drops … in the evening there was no blood but then my stomach was cramping, I checked the test. 2 lines positive .. I went to a gynecologist, on the USG it doesn’t look like the check from another using Tespek is still positive .. The doctor only said in the picture it was too small so it was sent for a week … I don’t know what dr said her pregnant outside the womb or inside .. Until today it’s been 6 days since Tuesday, October 16, my stomach hurts sometimes dripping out of blood when I walk or move too fast .., please explain what happened to me .. And my question is if I am pregnant, from menstruation 14 September or 8 October ?? Thanks

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Hi Zila,

Thank you for asking

Discharge or bleeding from the birth canal accompanied by severe abdominal cramps can indeed indicate a pregnancy disorder, for example an ectopic pregnancy (pregnancy outside the womb). This condition occurs when the fertilized product, which should have been implanted in the uterus, is implanted in another place, often in the fallopian tube. As a result, the body will perceive the result of this fertilization as a foreign object that must be removed from the body. This condition causes the reproductive organs to contract violently to remove the foreign object, resulting in intense pain. Depending on the location of the ectopic pregnancy, the pain that appears can be felt predominantly in the lower abdomen, right, left, waist, to the back. At first glance, an ectopic pregnancy will show a positive testpack result the same as a normal pregnancy. The difference is, when an ultrasound examination is performed, you will not see the fetus in the uterus, but outside the uterus. This condition, if it cannot be removed by itself, needs to be treated with special drugs or even surgery so that it does not cause more serious complications.

Apart from an ectopic pregnancy, you can also experience abdominal spots and cramps due to other causes, for example:

Other pregnancy disorders, such as miscarriage, empty pregnancy (blighted ovum) Not pregnant, but the presence of a disease, for example: Hormones are not balanced, so menstruation becomes irregular Endometriosis Ovarian cysts Pelvic inflammation, etc. If you are pregnant, it is almost impossible to determine of which sexual intercourse caused you to become pregnant, whether it was September 14 or October 8. Determining this forecast can only be done by knowing the estimated age of your pregnancy. And of course this can only be done if you already see signs of pregnancy in your uterus, namely by seeing the gestational sac or developing fetus.

Therefore, we recommend that you follow the advice of your doctor or gynecologist to re-check again in 1 to 2 weeks. Thus, even if you are pregnant, it is hoped that the size of the pregnancy sac or the fetus in your womb will be large enough so that it is detected more easily through an ultrasound examination. Even if you are not pregnant, treatment can be done appropriately according to the conditions you are experiencing.

In the meantime, you should get plenty of rest first so that cramps and bleeding don't get worse. Compress the area of ​​the stomach that is cramping with warm water so that the cramps reduce. First, limit activities that are too tiring, also limit sexual intercourse as long as bleeding is still out of the birth canal. Do not forget, always eat and drink healthy and nutritious so that stamina is always maintained.

Hope it helps ..

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