Calculation Of The Right HPHT?

I want to ask my interpretation, hami, November 24 2018 means what date did I last menstruate

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Hello Dayanti,

The first day of last menstruation / HPHT is often used to calculate HPL / estimated day of birth, gestational age, and calculation of fertile period. Sorry, can you clarify the interpretation of pregnancy on 24 November 2018, do you mean HPL? Actually, HPL has never been calculated because it has no purpose. What is done is the calculation of HPL from HPHT.

Calculation of HPL from HPHT also has to know first how long the menstrual cycle is and whether or not the menstruation is regular. HPL itself is an estimated date of gestation at exactly 40 weeks.

If you really want to find out your HPHT from HPL, you can use the pregnancy rotary calendar, which is widely available on the internet. In general, if your menstrual cycle is always regular for 28 days and your HPL is 24 November 2018 (40 weeks of gestation on 24 November), then the HPHT / first day of your last menstrual period is around 17 February 2018.

I think what's more important is knowing your HPL, gestational age, and the condition of your current fetus. For that, you should carry out routine pregnancy control with an obstetrician at least once a month so that the condition of the fetus and you continue to be well monitored. If the question you mean is not what I have described, please make a new, more detailed question.

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