Calf Muscles Pain / Pain?

Illustration of Calf Muscles Pain / Pain?
Illustration: Calf Muscles Pain / Pain?

Assalamuallaikum Doctor, I have experienced pain in the calf muscles for 8 (eight) months, I have taken a lot of medicine from the medicine given by an internal medicine doctor, I have also been referred to a neurology clinic and been treated for 18 times, but there has not been any change, in short today I was advised to check the blood in the lab. Hospital Results: 1. Fasting glucose: 93 mg / dl, 2. Cholesterol: 172 mg / dl, 3. Triglycerides 92 mg.dl 4. Serum creatinine 0.6 mg / dl. My question :

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Wa alaikumsalam, thank you for asking at Pain in the calf muscles can occur due to several possibilities, such as:

Muscle injury Cramps due to lack of nutrition Lack of fluids or dehydration Abnormalities in nerve endings Infection of muscles Abnormalities of blood vessels so that blood flow is not smooth to the calves

So far, the steps you have taken are correct by checking with an internal medicine doctor and a neurologist. However, at the next appointment, you can ask your doctor whether you also need to be referred to a cardiologist and blood vessels due to the possibility of non-smooth blood flow.

Regarding your question, your lab results are normal, so if your calf muscles are still sore, it means the cause is beyond your doctor's expectations and still needs to be looked for more. That means the cause of the pain, not because of high blood sugar / diabetes, not cholesterol, and not because of a muscle disorder. Serum creatinine is a test that is done to measure creatinine levels, where if it is very high it means there is an abnormality in your kidneys, and if it is very low, there may be abnormalities in your muscles. In your case, the results can still be said to be normal.

As for why your doctor does not ask for uric acid checks, because this disease will cause complaints in the joints, not in the muscles. So if the pain is in your knee, or in the joints of the fingers, your doctor may order the examination.

So it is most likely that until now, it is still uncertain about the cause of the pain in the calf you feel. It is better if you continue to control it as long as the pain is still there, and share any information that you haven't told your doctor if you have one, such as at what times your calf pain appears, is it always present or there are times when the pain subsides. In addition, try to do relaxation and meditation at home, limit physical activity, stay away from stress, consume pain relievers as recommended by your doctor, and consume more mineral water. Get well soon.

That's all, hope it helps.

dr. Amadeo D. Basfiansa

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