Can 2 Ejaculations Cause Pregnancy?

Illustration of Can 2 Ejaculations Cause Pregnancy?
Illustration: Can 2 Ejaculations Cause Pregnancy?

I just finished my period a day, and I had sex twice the same day. the first sperm does not enter miss v and the second time it enters. Will it lead to pregnancy?

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Good evening, thanks for asking at Having menstrual intercourse remains a potential pregnancy. In fact, having sex during menstruation can make a woman pregnant. Because, sperm can last long enough in the womb of a woman. So even though you have sex today, sperm can still live in your female organs for the next few days. And if in the next few days an egg is produced, it is not impossible that the sperm cell will fertilize the egg and pregnancy occurs.

So in your case, you could be pregnant, regardless of the number of times you ejaculated in a day. It is true that too often ejaculation can reduce the quality and quantity of sperm, because to be able to recover as before, the body takes 1-3 days. But it also needs to be understood that to be able to get pregnant only requires one sperm cell from tens to hundreds of millions released during ejaculation. So even though the quality and quantity decreases, pregnancy can still occur.

But it needs to be distinguished between being able to get pregnant and definitely getting pregnant. Your current position is still potentially pregnant, which means you can and may not be pregnant. To determine whether you are pregnant or not, you still need the results of an ultrasound examination by an obstetrician. So if you are late for your period next month, check with your obstetrician to make sure you are pregnant or not. So, hopefully answering your question.

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