Can 3 Year Olds Drink Formula Milk When They Have Sore Throat?

want tny, toddler aged 3 years sore throat what can drink formula milk that is usually drunk. If it is recommended that you use what milk is safe

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Basically, children aged 3 years no longer need to drink formula milk. Since the age of 1 year, children may be given ordinary cow's milk. But of course the choice remains in your hands. If indeed you want to continue to provide formula milk for your child, you may only do it. Children who have strep throat may still drink milk, either formula milk, cow's milk, or other types of milk.

Some people believe even the consumption of milk or other dairy products (such as cheese, yogurt) will increase phlegm production and cause coughing to intensify. However, there have been many studies conducted in this regard and these studies do not show any link between consumption of milk (and other dairy products) with increased production of sputum or worsening symptoms of flu and other coughs. Therefore, until now there are no recommendations to reduce the provision of milk to children when the child is sick with flu / cough or sore throat.

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