Can 9-month-old Babies Eat Rice?

good afternoon … I ask, my child is 9 months 5 days … my child if given porridge, the porridge will be melted directly, but if bribed with rice it will even mean the meaning … can a 9 month baby eat rice …?

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Preparing complementary foods (MPASI) for children 6-12 months is often a challenge for mothers, ranging from determining the portion, texture of food, to the variety of food to be given to children is an important consideration for mothers. starting from the age of 9-12 months generally children have begun to be introduced to the texture of food that is relatively coarser, or chopped food, no longer mashed or filtered, food can also be adjusted with adult food ingredients but with flavors and variants that are adjusted to the tastes of children.

make sure your child gets a variety of foods ranging from vegetables, fruit, rice (more soft than rice for adults, for example, rice team), and sources of protein such as fish, eggs or nuts that are roughly chopped. at this age children can be given food up to 3x a day with 1-2x intermittent foods that can be in the form of finger food or hand-held food, such as carrots which are cut into the size of an adult finger, which are cooked to soft and let the child grasp to train motor skills child. and keep giving ASI whenever the child wants.

Some tips on giving MPASI:

Familiarize children to mechanize together with the family at the dinner table, to build moments of togetherness and familiarize children with discipline from an early age Create an attractive eating atmosphere Pay attention to cutlery for children, make sure it is safe for use by children Make sure to wash all tools and ingredients thoroughly before and when preparing food for children Get used to washing children's hands before eating Give children the opportunity to feed their own food Avoid the use of flavoring (MSG), limit the use of salt and sugar, because exposure to tastes that are too strong will cause children to tend to eat difficult Information from me, hope it helps

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