Can A 20 Day Old Baby Lie On His Stomach?

Illustration of Can A 20 Day Old Baby Lie On His Stomach?
Illustration: Can A 20 Day Old Baby Lie On His Stomach?

Hello, I am a new mother with a baby aged 20 days, I often hear wheezing, like there is fluid in her nose. Info from friends, it is better to lie flat for a while because he was born by cesarean section, so there may still be fluid left in the respiratory tract. Can I lie on my stomach? If possible, how long and what is the correct position? thanks.

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Hi Jesika,

Thank you for asking

Under normal conditions, the baby's respiratory tract will indeed produce mucus (mucus). This mucus has a good function to keep the humidity of the air that enters the body. In addition, by the presence of this mucus, foreign substances are prevented from being inhaled into the lower airways.

The respiratory tract of newborns is still very sensitive. The slightest change in weather can trigger an increase in mucus production in his nasal cavity, causing his breath to sound nasal like he has a cold. This condition is usually easier to observe when the baby is in a cold, smoky, or polluting environment. Not always, this condition reflects the presence of disease. Often times, these complaints will get better on their own without the need for special handling.

Apart from changes in extreme weather, there could also be increased mucus production in the baby's nasal cavity due to other causes, for example:

After crying
Insert a foreign body into the nasal cavity
Experiencing allergies, for example to cold temperatures, dust, pollen
Experiencing irritation, for example due to inhalation of certain chemical fumes
Having an infection, it could be viral or bacterial, and so on

As long as no other complaints arise, such as shortness of breath, rapid and shallow breathing, bluish lips and nails, fever, coughing, vomiting, etc., you really don't need to worry about this condition. It doesn't really matter to put a 20-day-old baby face down. However, this action does not always resolve complaints related to increased mucus production as your child is experiencing.

Here's a suggestion that you should take:

Give your baby exclusive breastfeeding --- in addition to increasing the baby's immune system, breastfeeding is also able to minimize the risk of allergies, respiratory infections, and choking which can cause the baby's nasal mucus production to increase
Do not breastfeed your baby using a pacifier or lying down --- if you are unable to breastfeed directly, give expressed milk using a spoon or cupfeeder
Keep the baby from excess cold temperatures, including by minimizing the use of air conditioning or fans
Dry the baby in indirect morning sunlight (for example, in a room with sunlight)
Clean the mucus that comes out of the baby's nose using clean, non-perfumed tissue
Do not give drugs carelessly to babies
Avoid babies if there are children or other adults who are experiencing respiratory infections

However, if within a few days your baby's complaints do not improve, or other complaints arise as mentioned above, you should not delay checking your baby directly to a doctor or pediatrician.

Hope it helps ..

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