Can A 9 Month Old Baby Get Measles Injection?

Illustration of Can A 9 Month Old Baby Get Measles Injection?
Illustration: Can A 9 Month Old Baby Get Measles Injection?

I want to ask because there is a posyandu tomorrow, my child is 9 months old, less 2 weeks, can I get measles injection?

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Good morning, thanks for asking at Measles vaccine is a vaccine used to prevent measles, a viral disease characterized by the appearance of reddish rashes all over the body and fever. In some cases, this measles infection can cause serious complications such as lack of fluids, eye infections, ear infections, wet lungs, seizures, heart problems, nerves, brain and liver infections, so that is why measles vaccination is important. itself is there when the child reaches 9 months of age.

Regarding your question, in general, determining the immunization schedule is taken into consideration from the readiness of the child's body to respond to a vasksin, or because it gives a respite from the administration of other vaccines before, so that the body can also provide an optimal immune response. For this reason too, any vaccine can be given past the recommended age, but can it be given more quickly until a gap of 2 weeks than it should, in fact so far there has been no specific research on it.

So our advice, you should keep abreast of the schedule provided by the health center or pediatrician, in order to reduce the risk of a body's response that is not optimal for the formation of immunity. Because, the existing schedule is made based on mature thinking by considering physiological aspects, disease priorities, and so forth that cannot be changed just like that. Therefore, to be safe, it's better to keep up with the schedule as usual.

If there is something that prevents you from giving vaccinations according to your child's schedule, discuss it with the pediatrician so that the most appropriate solution can be found. So, hopefully answering your question.

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