Can A Blood Check Diagnose Corona?

Illustration of Can A Blood Check Diagnose Corona?
Illustration: Can A Blood Check Diagnose Corona?

Doc, can a complete blood check in a laboratory diagnose a virus, for example covid19

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There are many types of blood tests that can be done, one of which is a complete blood count (CBC). In this examination, several indicators will be examined, namely:

Levels of leukocytes / red blood cells (cells that play a role in distributing oxygen throughout the body)
Erythrocyte levels / white blood cells (cells that play a role in warding off infections and mediating inflammation)
Hemoglobin levels (protein in red blood cells that are useful for binding oxygen)
Hematocrit levels (proportion of red blood cells versus blood plasma)
Platelet / platelet levels (cells that play a role in the process of blood clotting)

Complete blood tests are not the main diagnostic method in COVID-19 detection. However, in patients with COVID-19, it is often found abnormalities in the results of a complete blood test, including:

Leukocyte levels can be decreased (in most cases), normal, or even decreased
Platelet levels can be normal (in most cases), or actually decrease
When evaluated further using a leukocyte count (differential count), it is often found a decrease in lymphocyte levels in most cases

Primarily, the diagnosis of COVID-19 is made through examination with a swab (tissue swab) sample of the throat. In this examination, DNA viruses can be detected by PCR (gold standard) or antibodies formed by the body against this virus.

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