Can A Corona Virus Appear On Its Own Without Exposure To An Infected Person?

Dock. I want to ask. Can the corona virus be exposed alone without transmission from an exposed person? Does the cough and fever include exposure to the covid virus 19.

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Hello Agres, thank you for asking

COVID-19 is an abbreviation of Corona Virus Infection Disease, an infection caused by the corona virus. Corona virus can cause disorders of the respiratory system, acute pneumonia, to death. The course of the disease is quite fast, accompanied by symptoms that are not typical, similar to the common cold. This makes the patient feel normal initially and then not infrequently the patient finally experiences a worsening, beginning to feel shortness of breath until breathing failure occurs later.

Until now, in Indonesia alone the positive cases of COVID-19 occurred because it was preceded by exposure from other people who were also positive for COVID-19, or had close contact with positive patients with COVID-19. Symptoms that occur in COVID-19 are similar to the flu, namely fever, cough, sometimes accompanied by colds, to severe symptoms similar to pneumonia such as fever, cough, and tightness. All of these symptoms can end in ARDS (Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome) which is respiratory failure. Cases that end up with ARDS often occur in the elderly who have low endurance.

For the diagnosis of COVID-19, there are new terms related to the corona virus regarding the grouping of patients suspected of being COVID-19, namely suspect (Person in Monitoring) and suspect (Patient in Monitoring) which are distinguished based on:

 Symptoms of fever and / or respiratory problems (coughing, spasms, sore throat, runny nose); A history of traveling to an infected country or area with local transmission for the past 14 days before symptoms appear; There is a history of contact with someone who is positive infected or strongly suspected of being infected with COVID-19 in the last 14 days before symptoms appear. traveling history. Then said suspect if the symptoms that appear are getting more severe and need hospital treatment plus close contact with positive patients COVID-19 or a history of traveling. If you have a cough and fever but have no contact with a COVID-19 patient and have not traveled to a local transmission country, you cannot be categorized as suspect or suspect. To be able to ensure the presence of COVID-19 infection, it is necessary to do a direct physical examination by doctors and supporters. If your respiratory symptoms worsen, which is accompanied by shortness of breath, immediately see a doctor to get the right treatment.

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