Can A Mother Breastfeed When She Is Suffering From Dengue Fever?

Illustration of Can A Mother Breastfeed When She Is Suffering From Dengue Fever?
Illustration: Can A Mother Breastfeed When She Is Suffering From Dengue Fever?

In the afternoon my mother is breastfeeding a child aged 1.5 years but my child also I give continued formula milk. Yesterday I was sick with dengue fever and it’s been 11 days still in the healing phase. When I was brought home my child wanted to ask for breast milk and did not want to be given continued milk. I feel sorry because my child continues to cry for breast milk. But I don’t have the courage to give breast milk because I’m afraid my child will catch it. What I want to ask is how many days the DHF cure is actually not contagious? Because I can’t bear it when my child cries for breast milk. That is all and thank you

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DHF (Dengue hemorrhagic fever) occurs due to infection with the Dengue virus which is transmitted through the bites of Aedes mosquitoes, especially Aedes aegypti. This infection is usually characterized by a sudden high fever, accompanied by headache, pain around the eyeball, muscle and joint pain, nausea, decreased appetite, dizziness, and signs of bleeding, such as nosebleeds, red spots on the skin, etc. This condition needs to be handled directly by a doctor so that it does not lead to dangerous complications, such as shock (shock). The treatment given is usually done with fluid therapy, clinical observation and periodic platelet levels, and other treatments according to the symptoms that appear.

DHF is not an infection that is transmitted through body fluids, including breast milk. Therefore, it really doesn't matter if a mother who is suffering from dengue breastfeeds her baby with breast milk, especially if her DHF has healed and has entered the recovery period. This action will not cause your baby to catch dengue. In fact, by giving your baby breast milk, the anti-dengue virus antibodies that are formed in your body can be transferred to your baby through breast milk, so that your baby has good immunity to ward off dengue virus infection in the future. Even so, it does not mean that your baby will be free from the risk of dengue virus infection. Because, there are at least 4 types of dengue virus that have been identified. And immunity to one virus strain does not necessarily mean that it is immune to other virus strains.

What you also need to pay attention to is that the medicines you take while you are sick and undergoing the recovery period, if they flow in small or large amounts of breast milk, have the potential to affect the health of the baby you are breastfeeding. For that, you need to consult directly with a doctor or internal medicine specialist who treats you, whether it is safe for you to continue breastfeeding your baby, or not. If it is safe, then you can continue to breastfeed your baby as usual. However, if not, then you can temporarily give your baby donor breast milk or replacement milk. However, keep expressing your milk to maintain production, so that you can return to breastfeeding your baby after you are declared completely cured and it is safe to resume breastfeeding your baby.

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dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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