Can A Patient With Diabetes Avoid Insulin Without The Doctor’s Approval?

Illustration of Can A Patient With Diabetes Avoid Insulin Without The Doctor’s Approval?
Illustration: Can A Patient With Diabetes Avoid Insulin Without The Doctor’s Approval?

My 85-year-old grandfather suffers from type 2 diabetes. Today the schedule is doctor control. Because there is a corona virus season, I am afraid that if I go to the hospital to get infected with the corona virus. Can we temporarily stop taking diabetes medications for this month?

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Hello Ahmad,

Thank you for the question.

Type 2 diabetes occurs when the body is unable to properly respond to the action of the hormone insulin, thereby making blood sugar levels rise, but cannot be properly utilized by cells in producing energy. Type 2 diabetes is prone to occur in the elderly, especially those who have close descendants with similar diseases, are accustomed to living with ease, problems with obesity, or other diseases, such as hypertension, metabolic disorders, and so on.

Type 2 diabetes cannot be cured. However, this disease can be controlled so that the risk of dangerous complications, such as heart and blood vessel disorders, nerves, kidneys, eyes, brain, and so on can be minimized. To control diabetes, doctors can give several types of drugs, including insulin. This treatment usually lasts almost as long as the nose and is accompanied by modifications to lifestyle and diet.

People with type 2 diabetes are not advised to carelessly stop, change the dose, increase, or reduce treatment. Stopping treatment without a doctor's knowledge is very risky to make blood sugar levels increase dramatically, so that even dangerous complications are more susceptible. Indeed, the elderly, especially with diabetes, are at high risk of contracting COVID-19 and experiencing severe complications because of it. However, if regular control is not carried out for the disease, the potential danger is no less terrible.

The good, you still take your grandfather to control the disease to the doctor or internist, but still pay attention to the following:

If possible, do not immediately come to the hospital, choose a private practice or clinic that is not too crowded
Try to bring your grandfather to check with a private vehicle
Ask your grandfather to use a mask, keep a distance from the people around, not carelessly holding public facilities, and maintain better hygiene himself
Help accompany your grandfather to live a healthy lifestyle and diet so that his endurance remains excellent

Hope this helps ...

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