Can A Person With A Fever Take A Cold Shower?

Illustration of Can A Person With A Fever Take A Cold Shower?
Illustration: Can A Person With A Fever Take A Cold Shower?

night, I am 22 years old, suddenly I have a fever accompanied by dizziness, I thought maybe because of the swelling of the gums in the cavity before my right, I went to the pharmacy to be advised to take ponstan and dexaharsen, my fever went up and down, which I want to ask if I Do you take a shower, preferably warm or cold? it is raining in my area and I am taking a shower using the rainwater, and if I eat hot and spicy food and I sweat a lot, can I reduce my fever?

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Hi Camellia, thanks for your question

Fever is an increase in body temperature over normal temperature, which is above 37.5 degrees Celsius. Some literature uses the benchmark 38 degrees Celsius as a fever that requires medical treatment, for example by consuming fever-reducing drugs, such as paracetamol. This medicine can be obtained freely without a doctor's prescription at various pharmacies or supermarkets.

Basically, fever shows the body's reaction to infection, either by viruses, parasites, or bacteria. Fever can also be a sign that the body is dehydrated, a side effect of drugs, or a metabolic disorder caused by an increase in thyroid hormones (hyperthyroidism).

Fever is often accompanied by other complaints, such as headache, cold sweat, coughing, earache, sore throat, decreased appetite, and so on. Various accompanying symptoms are consistent with the underlying condition. For that, it is important to first determine the cause of the fever you are experiencing. Check with your doctor directly in order to get the right examination and treatment. If it is caused by cavities, it is mostly bacteria whose treatment includes administering antibiotics and painkillers, then accompanied by medical procedures to treat cavities in the teeth, either by filling, rooting, or extracting the problematic tooth. Discuss the best management with the doctor who examined you in person.

Regarding your desire to take a shower, in principle there are no restrictions for people who have a fever to take a shower. Keeping skin clean is good for body health. Therefore, use lukewarm or lukewarm water and take a shower for no more than 20 minutes.

Other suggestions for you:

consume more water, at least 2-3 liters per day if your teeth are the source of your problem, you should eat foods that are not too cold or hot, try to digest foods that are easy to digest such as porridge or soft rice to reduce inflammation, avoid consuming too spicy food that breaks Hopefully this is useful

dr. Lili

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