Can Accumulated Molar Teeth Cause Sinusitis?

Illustration of Can Accumulated Molar Teeth Cause Sinusitis?
Illustration: Can Accumulated Molar Teeth Cause Sinusitis?

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The upper graham teeth grow attached to the side of the gum that attaches to the upper jawbone (maxilla). This bone is in direct contact with the sinus cavity, to be precise the maxillary sinus. Therefore, it is true that the upper graham tooth problem can spread to the sinus cavity.

An impacted upper graham tooth (buried in the gum structure or the jaw around it), as long as it doesn't cause infection or inflammation, is not always dangerous. However, because of its position which is quite far away, graham's teeth are often difficult to clean so they are prone to infection and inflammation. If this condition is severe enough, it is clear that this condition can cause the maxillary sinuses to become inflamed, causing sinusitis. This condition is characterized by nasal congestion, dizziness, headaches, facial pain (especially in the cheek area), olfactory disturbances, taste problems, bad breath and various other complaints. It could also, this inflammation spreads to other sinus cavities, causing more severe complaints.

Depending on the condition of the graham teeth you are referring to, treatment for this condition can be done in various ways. Dentists need to first evaluate the condition of your teeth and mouth as a whole, as well as assess possible complications that occur in your sinus cavities. Usually, the doctor will also perform radiological examinations, such as a panoramic x-ray or x-ray of the paranasal sinuses to find out the condition of your teeth, mouth, and sinuses in more detail. If it is true that your graham tooth is inflamed and infected, then this condition causes inflammation to the sinus cavity, then it is clear that the focus of the infection is that the graham tooth has to be overcome, it can be extracted, root canal treatment and fillings, and so on. But generally, if extraction is needed, the doctor will first give you several types of drugs to treat the infection and inflammation. If you feel the infection and inflammation has subsided, then further procedures, such as removal, will be carried out. This will minimize the potential for spreading infection and inflammation to other surrounding tissues. Furthermore, to completely overcome the sinusitis that you are suffering from, your doctor can also direct you to see an ENT specialist.

So, first check your condition with the nearest dentist.

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