Can Acyclovir For Pregnant Women?

Illustration of Can Acyclovir For Pregnant Women?
Illustration: Can Acyclovir For Pregnant Women?

Hello, I am pregnant and I have a history of recurrent type 2 herpes is it safe to take achilovir at a dose of 200 g every day

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Herpes simplex can affect anyone, especially those who have poor endurance and close contact (especially sexual contact) with other herpes simplex sufferers. Herpes simplex type 2 (HSV 2) is often characterized by the appearance of a rash that feels itchy, runny, and resembles a scab around the genitals, buttocks, or thighs. This rash can be painful and itchy and cause uncomfortable sensations during urination and sexual intercourse. If HSV 2 occurs in pregnant women, this disease risks causing the fetus to experience visual impairment, mental retardation, growth retardation, and microcephalus. Babies born to mothers who are infected with active HSV 2 are also at risk of contracting if born through normal delivery.

Because the cause is a virus, the main treatment for HSV 2 is by administering antiviral drugs, including acyclovir. Not only that, several other types of treatment and supportive therapy also need to be given so that clinical symptoms subside and the patient's immune system improves so that the infection can be cured more quickly.

When given to pregnant women, provided that there are medical indications that require it, acyclovir is actually classified as safe (category B). However, you need to know in advance, that this drug is not an over-the-counter drug, so its consumption must be carried out under the supervision of a doctor, dermatologist or obstetrician (in pregnant women). Not only that, some other medical conditions can also show clinical manifestations similar to HSV 2, even though the treatment is different, for example scabies, shingles, folliculitis, impetigo, irritant contact dermatitis, allergic contact dermatitis, insect bites, and so on.

Therefore, we do not recommend that you take this medicine without first seeing a doctor. Check with your doctor first to make a comprehensive evaluation related to your condition. That way, the doctor can certainly give you the best treatment, which is also safe for the fetus in your womb.

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