Can AHA-BHA Be Combined With Vitamin C?

Illustration of Can AHA-BHA Be Combined With Vitamin C?
Illustration: Can AHA-BHA Be Combined With Vitamin C?

I just used serum containing AHA BHA. I just read that the material must not be combined with vit c. Whereas my BB cream contains vit C. Is there a solution to use both ingredients?

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Hi Owi,

Serum AHA and BHA can be useful to brighten the face, reduce fine lines, even skin tone, and smooth the skin. Vitamin C can also brighten the face. In this case, if you use a lot of active ingredients in your skincare, you must be careful when combining your skincare range.

Previously, what was the percentage of AHA and BHA content? The higher the concentration of AHA and BHA, its use is also increasingly rare. Do you use AHA BHA serum every day, 3-4x / week, once a week, or what?

What is the percentage of vitamin C content in your BB cream? In general, vitamin C and AHA BHA should not be used together. Therefore you can modify your skincare usage. For example, you can use vitamin C in the morning, along with sunscreen, then AHA BHA serum can be used at night. You can also use the product alternately. If you use BB cream with vitamin C, you can choose to use serum without AHA BHA content, for example serum with hyaluronic acid content only.

Do you use skincare with active ingredients also at night? If yes, you need to look back at the active ingredients in the night skincare that you use whether it can be combined with AHA BHA or not.

As long as you use vitamin C and AHA BHA, make sure you use sunscreen in the morning and avoid sun exposure. Also avoid rubbing the face too hard and if signs of irritation appear, such as redness, heat, peeling, stop using AHA BHA and vitamin C for a while and use soothing cream or soothing gel and moisturizer until the skin's condition improves. If it doesn't improve soon, consult a dermatologist.

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