Can Allergy Sufferers Do Blood Donations?

Illustration of Can Allergy Sufferers Do Blood Donations?
Illustration: Can Allergy Sufferers Do Blood Donations?

Tonight DokDok, I have various allergies such as food allergies (all living in fresh or sea water, eggs, chicken, flour), dust (including causes of dust such as carpets and dolls), sweat, soapy water. The effects of allergies are itchy. Can it be a blood donor? Then, can allergies be cured? Because I was allergic when I was 4 years old and now it’s 20 years old, the symptoms have never disappeared and instead changed. When I was 4-5 years old, I was like a paraplegic because my feet were festering and bleeding. Now it’s not festering, but like eczema, and if given an ointment, there will be dots like water coming out. Why can change like that huh? thanks.

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Blood donation is a form of voluntary activity to donate or give a small portion of your blood to other people, our neighbors who need it. but it's a pity, not everyone can do blood donor activities and there are some conditions to be able to donate your blood.

In connection with your question, in general there is still a debate about whether or not allergic sufferers can do blood donor activities. But until now there are several agreements, that people with mild allergies can do blood donor activities, provided the patient is not experiencing a relapse or there are no symptoms of allergies. If symptoms have just arisen, it takes at least 1 week for a person with mild allergies to be able to donate blood. However, if allergies are severe or more severe, it is generally not permitted to conduct blood donor activities.

Allergy itself is a hypersensitive reaction from the body's immune system in response to a substance that is generally not harmful to the body, so it is this overreaction that then triggers an inflammatory reaction in certain parts of the body. allergic reactions can also be tiger and can vary from one to another. among others:

Rashes and itching on the skin
Watery, itchy eyes
Swelling of the face, lips, eyes, and other locations
Sneezing, nasal congestion
Out of breath

In more extreme cases, allergic reactions can be life threatening, in the form of refinement of consciousness, airway obstruction, hypotension.

manufestation of allergic skin that is quite common include: atopic dermatitis, allergic contact dermatitis, urticaria

The most effective treatment for overcoming an allergic reaction is to avoid triggers or allergens that trigger the appearance of these symptoms. However, if an allergic reaction has arisen, generally doctors will provide anti-inflammatory drugs, as well as antihistamines to help suppress allergic reactions that occur in the body. In addition, do not scratch your skin because it can aggravate and damage surrounding skin tissue, increase fluid intake, and make sure your skin is well hydrated and moisturized. Therefore it is better for you to consult with a dermatologist or with a specialist in the field of immunology for further examination of allergies.

So much information from me, hopefully it helps.

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