Can An Undeveloped Fetus Still Be Saved?

Illustration of Can An Undeveloped Fetus Still Be Saved?
Illustration: Can An Undeveloped Fetus Still Be Saved?

I am 28 years old, this is my second pregnancy, before in my first pregnancy I had a miscarriage due to having an empty pregnancy (black ovum) at the age of 3 months … but this time I was pregnant again, when I was 3 months old too, I had an ultrasound to find out if my pregnancy is normal or empty again … it turns out after the ultrasound, my fetus is there but the doctor who examined me said the fetus was not in accordance with gestational age which is only in the range of 7/8 weeks in other words my fetus is not developing. I was told to come back again in 2 weeks to check its progress, whether it could develop or not … The question? If my fetus doesn’t develop, can it still be saved by eating nutritious vitamins and folic acid or I’m just waiting for the bleeding to continue in curettage.

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Hi Novika,

A condition of a blighted ovum or an empty pregnancy is a condition that is different from the condition of stunted fetal growth. Blighted ovum is a condition where pregnancy has formed the sac of pregnancy but there is no embryo / embryo of the fetus that will develop in the womb because the fertilized egg does not develop to the next stage of embryo formation, while stunted fetal growth is a condition where there is embryo or fetus but growth does not match the age of development that should be. Usually for the condition you are experiencing it is still doubtful whether what you are experiencing is a condition of blighted ovum or stunted fetal growth (IUGR). Therefore, it needs further monitoring periodically to assess its development whether 2 weeks later there is further development or it remains the same that you might experience a blighted ovum again. For that, while waiting for the next examination you should take care of your condition and your uterus as well as possible in a way such as:

eating patterns regularly eating a lot of consumption eating nutritious foods consumption of supplements recommended during pregnancy to support the development of the fetus enough rest avoiding heavy activities avoid excessive stress do relaxation also take care of the health condition of the mother . Because the treatment between the two possibilities between the Blighted Ovum and the IUGR is very different. If indeed the condition you are experiencing is not a blighted ovum then there will be a possibility of visible fetal development on examination 2 weeks later which is recommended. Following the article you can read blighted ovum, the fetus is not developing, the stages of fetal development

Hope it is useful, thank you

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