Can Antiseptic Liquid Be Used To Rinse Your Mouth?

Illustration of Can Antiseptic Liquid Be Used To Rinse Your Mouth?
Illustration: Can Antiseptic Liquid Be Used To Rinse Your Mouth?

Can disinfectant dettol be used for gargling? Thank you

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Maybe you mean the Dettol antiseptic liquid. This antiseptic contains the active ingredient 4.8% chloroxylenol which is effective against various microorganisms, both bacteria and fungi. In particular, 4.8% chloroxylenol is effective in eradicating gram-positive bacterial groups by damaging the cell walls of gram-positive bacteria and causing inactivation of enzymes from this group of bacteria.

However, let alone the oral mucosa; in sensitive people, this fluid is irritating to their skin, especially on repeated use. In certain people allergic reactions to this antiseptic fluid can also occur, although rarely. By gargling using an antiseptic solution made from chloroxylenol, there can be injury to the oral cavity, and even if swallowed can cause injury to the gastrointestinal mucosa. In addition, the active ingredient chloroxylenol is also used in the sterilization of surgical instruments.

Therefore, although Dettol's antiseptic fluid is relatively safe for use on the skin, it is not recommended to use Dettol's antiseptic fluid as a mouthwash.

Instead, use mouthwash made from 0.12% chlorhexidine, or Povidone-iodine (PVP-I) if there is thrush. In addition to effectively killing bacteria that grow excessively in the oral cavity, a 2005 study reported that the habit of gargling with water or PVP-I 3 times a day can prevent respiratory infections (ARI), or can reduce the severity of symptoms if you have been exposed to ARI.

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