Can Anxiety Disorders Interfere With Health And Cause Other Illnesses?

Illustration of Can Anxiety Disorders Interfere With Health And Cause Other Illnesses?
Illustration: Can Anxiety Disorders Interfere With Health And Cause Other Illnesses?

Hello ,, I want to ask about my illness that I try to explain in chronological order: u003cbr u003e The last few days with the rampant news about covid 19, often bad thoughts arise and sometimes if too parno makes me sometimes short of breath, then on Wednesday March 18, my migraine was recurring and it felt quite painful so I decided to see a doctor, when I checked everything was normal (temperature, tension, physical, breathing) but because it did not go away I was finally asked to check blood for samples of DHF, typhus, and cholesterol that again the results are quite good

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Hello Yusuf

I understand the fear that Yusuh experienced amid the COVID-19 pandemic or corona virus. However, the symptoms that Yusuh experienced in the form of nasal congestion without mucus / sneezing and sneezing generally are conditions that can still be said to be quite general so as not to lead to a particular disease.

Sleep deprivation for example can make symptoms similar to nasal congestion. Which is where these symptoms will generally improve again if the person is getting enough sleep which is about 7-8 hours to sleep at night.

In addition to lack of sleep other considerations are due to an infection in the upper respiratory tract, if the immune system is good enough, the symptoms that appear will be very mild so it rarely causes coughing, flu, or the appearance of snot production.

Then conditions such as the presence of polyps in the nasal cavity, sinusitis, and there is an asymmetrical shape of the nasal bone can also cause nasal congestion.

What Yusuh experienced cannot yet be said of a psychological or mental health problem, so it is not right to state that what Joseph experienced was an anxiety disorder, because the human mind is very complex and complicated. So that it cannot diagnose a person's mental health condition from symptoms alone without conducting a holistic (holistic) assessment of both physical (physical) and mental (mental) health.

The doctor needs to conduct targeted interviews to dig deeper into a person's mental health condition and compare there are no factors of his physical condition that might affect mental health conditions. (For information, there are physical health conditions that can affect a person's mental health, such as head injuries, narcotics or drug effects, etc.)

Eating that Yusuh is expected not to be afraid to overdo it, and learn to manage the stress of the mind experienced such as by means of meditation, breathing techniques, or doing activities that are popular. Beware of the COVID-19 pandemic is good, but if reading articles on the internet or social media actually makes Joseph feel increasingly worried too much then it would be nice if Joseph to fast using the internet and social media first. And do positive efforts such as breathing techniques, meditation, doing hobbies to reduce Joseph's anxiety.

But don't forget to do a healthy lifestyle, to prevent the transmission of COVID-19, which is by doing social distancing, trying not to leave the house except for urgent needs, avoiding the habit of touching the face, getting used to washing hands regularly, especially when after touching objects suspected of being contaminated with bacteria or viruses. And also try to consume balanced nutritious food, drink plenty of water, rest and get enough sleep (about 7-8 hours to sleep at night).

Ibuprofen drugs generally do not cause side effects such as complaints of nasal congestion

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