Can Artificial Dimples Decrease In Children?

Illustration of Can Artificial Dimples Decrease In Children?
Illustration: Can Artificial Dimples Decrease In Children?

Tonight doctor, my husband and I want a baby program, but before the program wants to make dimples whether prospective babies will also have dimples? thank you

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Basically dimples are inherited genetically, as are other features on the face and body (for example hair color, eye creases, eyelash length, nose shape, chin shape, etc.). Therefore, doing manipulations on the face such as surgery to make dimples, eye crease operations, eyebrow embroidery, eyelash planting, nose or chin surgery, etc. will not be passed on to your child. If you do not have dimples naturally, then your child will only be able to have dimples if your partner (father) has dimples or you or your partner have another family who has dimples.

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