Can ARV Drugs Be Taken At The Same Time For Several Months?

good night doctor. I want to ask, I have HIV. I plan a vacation abroad for 3 months whether I can get ARV drugs at once 4 months to travel. because all this time hny drugs can be taken monthly. And how should I do the clinic here, thank you

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Therapy using ARVs is not intended to cure the disease but suppress the growth of the virus itself. The therapy that is given also may not be arbitrary. There are rules in the implementation of this ARV therapy.

Antiretroviral drugs can only be taken every month, it aims to assess the clinical monitoring of treatment that will affect subsequent management of therapy. Clinical monitoring is done every month for the first 6 months of treatment and then continued every 3 months. Therefore, in relation to the question you need to consult directly with your doctor or specialist in internal medicine, especially in the health facility where you take medicine every month regarding your problem.

For now what you can do include maintaining good health by consuming healthy and nutritious food, getting enough to drink and rest, and exercising regularly.

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