Can ARVs Cure HIV?

Illustration of Can ARVs Cure HIV?
Illustration: Can ARVs Cure HIV?

I want to ask … can ARVs cure HIV?

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HIV infection or AIDS, until now, has not been cured completely even with the use of ARV drugs on a regular and regular basis.

It should be understood that ARV drugs are not drugs that can be used to kill the HIV virus, but these drugs only help slow down and suppress the rate of growth of the HIV virus in the body, but this virus will remain in the body, and continue to develop in the body.

Giving ARV drugs to people affected by HIV as early as possible is highly recommended because the earlier the drug is given, the faster the virus is suppressed so it does not cause deterioration quickly. However, as mentioned above, this drug is not to cure HIV infection.

The best way is to avoid getting infected with the HIV virus itself by avoiding behaviors that are at high risk of contracting HIV (having sex with multiple partners or using the same syringe as an HIV person), not by using antiretrovirals after an infection occurs.

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