Can Babies Bathe During The Day?

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Hello, baby, the bath is around 10 am, that’s fine, can’t it be because my baby sleeps at night, so he wakes up at night when he sleeps at 11 am, how about that?

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Need to clarify, how old is your baby now?

The habit of introducing the time of day and night for babies is very important, especially for their activities as adults. As early as possible, babies should be taught to recognize the difference between day, which is intended for activity and play, and night, which is intended for rest and sleep. This habituation process certainly cannot last a short time. However, if you teach it consistently, then this will make it easier for your baby to do activities later, for example when he starts school. In addition, you can also have more time to chat with other family members without always being preoccupied with babysitting activities.

Bathing during the day in babies is actually not dangerous. However, the air during the day which tends to be hotter can make your baby feel uncomfortable, for example if you bathe him in cold water. Therefore, you should bathe it using warm water.

However, in addition to the methods above, it will be much better if you start slowly changing your baby's sleep pattern. Wake him up in the morning, which is between 6 to 7 o'clock. Invite him to do a lot of activities and play during the day. Give him time to sleep during the day to relieve fatigue, but limit the time so that it is not too long. Also bathe him in the afternoon so that his body is back in shape after a nap. Feed him regularly, but avoid giving too much food at night, because an overly full stomach can be one of the triggers for the baby to have trouble sleeping. Once it's nighttime (between 8 and 9 p.m.), take the baby into the room, dim the lights, and minimize distracting noises. You can nurse your baby or sing a hum that makes him feel comfortable until he finally sleeps and sleeps. With this habit, your baby will have a more regular sleep-wake pattern later in life. This sleep-wake pattern will indirectly affect the circadian rhythm (biological clock) which regulates the function of the organs in the body.

That's our explanation. For details, you can consult directly with a pediatrician, yes.

Normal baby sleep

I hope this helps.

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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