Can Baby’s Umbilical Cord Be Used As Medicine?

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Illustration: Can Baby’s Umbilical Cord Be Used As Medicine? …, my child is only 10 days (newborn), has a high fever (39.6 ° c), after doing a number of routine blood tests, quite a number of stars (*). And blood checks to find out exposed to bacteria / virus, CRP results reached 101 … The doctor suggested a culture blood test to find out the type of bacteria / virus. When my child just entered the NICU room, my nurse went to see my pediatrician SEPSIS. So my question was: -Will That high CRP has confirmed that my baby is infected with the bacteria or virus? – Can his umbilical cord be made medicine? -If it can, how / what should I do …? Thanks doctor …

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CRp or C ractive protein is an examination that is often done to determine the inflammation process that is happening in the patient's body. A high Crp value provides information that the patient is experiencing inflammation, infection or other specific processes. in newborns, an increase in CRp above normal after 24-48 hours after signs of infection can give an indication of the possibility of sepsis or widespread infection in the body of a newborn which is around the age of under 90 days. The condition of sepsis shows extensive infection in the body and has a high risk of the safety of the baby due to malfunctioning of functions accompanied by excessive response from the body to infections that cause damage to the body's own system. This infection can be caused by bacterial or viral infections that enter the body.
Sepsis in infants can be triggered by certain medical conditions that occur during pregnancy or after delivery, such as:
1. infection in the womb
2. infection during labor
3. previous maternal infections
4. amniotic infection
5. birth rematur
Thus, the increase in Crp in newborns is more than 10mg / L, 93% suspicion of sepsis in newborns is a concern and consideration, so if your doctor recommends conducting blood cultures to identify infections and to assess antibiotic sensitivity to baby sepsis, then this can be considered to be done.
While relating to the use of the umbilical cord for the treatment of this infection, there has been no research that supports the benefits of the umbilical cord for the treatment of sepsis in newborns. So at this time I cannot provide more extensive information regarding this matter. In addition, you should be able to undergo medical processes and procedures recommended by your doctor.
Discuss the condition of your baby and also discuss possible triggers of sepsis, so you can understand the process of your baby's illness and prevent this risk from recurring when following a pregnancy.
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