Can Back Pain Be Caused By Drinking Too Much In A Short Time?

Illustration of Can Back Pain Be Caused By Drinking Too Much In A Short Time?
Illustration: Can Back Pain Be Caused By Drinking Too Much In A Short Time?

Hi, I’m 25 years old Vania not married yet. I am taking the drug roaccutane from Dr. Kun Jayanata SPKK. I have a history of UTIs to urinating blood 8 months ago. Since then I have increased my fluid intake than usual, and until now I always drink 5 bottles x 800ml of water per day. But I always have pain in the right and left lumbar region. Is that a danger from drinking too much water? Please enlighten me.

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Drinking too much water is actually not known to have a risk of causing body problems if you don't have heart failure, kidney failure, and kidney disorders. Excessive water is consumed in one day, usually it will be excreted by the kidneys.

However, drinking too much in a short time will harm the body, because the kidneys have the ability to filter fluid as much as half a liter per hour. This condition will cause hyponatremia, because the sodium content in the blood suddenly becomes low, there is an imbalance of body fluids which can cause the displacement of body fluids from the blood vessels to the tissues, causing swelling. The most dangerous condition is swelling of brain tissue. This case is very, very rare.

Actual adult fluid requirements depend on body weight, physical activity and special medical conditions. However, in general, healthy adults need an average of 2 liters of drinking water per day. It is better if the amount of drinking water you consume is adjusted so that it is not too much. Because drinking too much will also interfere with your activities because you will urinate frequently throughout the day.

Back pain itself can be caused by many things such as kidney infections, kidney stones, muscle problems in the spinal area, spinal problems, and if you are a woman, pelvic infections can also trigger back pain.

If the back pain that you feel is very disturbing and occurs for more than 3 days, you should consult directly with a neurologist for a thorough medical examination. If necessary, the doctor will refer to supporting examinations such as waist ultrasound, blood tests, X-rays, CT Scan / MRI.

Back pain management will be adjusted to your medical condition.

For a while, apply warm compresses to the painful area and take pain medication (if it is so painful that it interferes with activities) to relieve your complaints.

Read more about Lumbago in this article.

That's the info we can share, hope it helps you.

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